Pidato bahasa Inggris tentang pengaruh Tiktok bagi remaja beserta artinya

Pidato bahasa Inggris tentang pengaruh Tiktok bagi remaja


The Impact of Tiktok for Teenagers

One application that is currently booming is the TikTok application. Tiktok is an application that is almost the same as other applications. But this app has a bit more features than other apps. In addition, by using this application many people can make money.

This application certainly has a positive impact and also a negative impact for its users, especially teenagers. Because there are many, in fact, many teenagers who use this application. The impact of using Tiktok on teenagers is as follows:

  1. As an application that can encourage one’s creativity in making a work.
  2. An application to express creativity, especially in making videos, the Tik Tok application itself is a platform for making videos with special and unique effects easily. Tik Tok also offers a variety of music for video backgrounds, so users can create more interesting videos.

But from some positive points from Tik Tok itself, there are many negative impacts for teenagers. The negative impacts are:

  1. Indirectly, tiktok is the cause of the younger generation to like to rock, if you are someone who is often active on Instagram, of course you will find some netizens with various videos made using this tiktok application. Some are ordinary, and some are extraordinary, extraordinarily outrageous. There were even some teenagers and children swaying unnaturally.
  2. Making videos that are not appropriate, not even just teenagers they involve small children in making tiktok videos for the response that many netizens dare to sing songs and act as adults.

That’s a short speech about the influence of the TikTok application for teenagers that I can convey. Hopefully what I say can be useful and become knowledge for all.


Speech is an activity of speaking in front of many people. The speech is carried out using good language and can be accepted by the listener. Generally, people who make speeches will convey their ideas to other people or listeners.

The Purpose of Speech 

  1. Give greetings
  2. Provide information
  3. Influence listeners
  4. Entertaining listeners
  5. Convince listeners

Types of Speech

  1. Informative speech
  2. Argumentative speech
  3. Recreational speech
  4. Persuasive speech